20's Plenty for Buckden & Stirtloe




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October 2015 - The Parish Council agreed to have a consultation on a 20mph speed limit for Buckden & Stirtloe during December 2015 with the Parish making its decision on whether to propose a 20mph limit at the January meeting.  


September 2015 - At the Parish Council meeting on 10th September an amendment was put forward by the Parish Council for a small 20mph area immediately around the School, accompanied with flashing lights and only to be in operation in school hours.  The Parish Council voted by a majority for this amendment, which has had very little public engagement or consultation.  Whilst we would not stand in the way of such a measure, we do not feel that it any way addresses the numerous concerns of the community about the streets where they live and work, based on our extensive community consultation.  The passing of this amendment meant that a default 20mph was not voted on.


After further consideration the Parish Council have agreed to further debate an introduction of a 20mph default limit at the next meeting.   We would encourage residents to make their voices heard to the Parish Council (letters/email all cllrs via the clerk – [email protected] and/or come to next PC meeting for the open forum at 7.30pm on 13th October).  

20s Plenty Buckden and Stirtloe Team


August 2015 - We have now reached approx 700 signatures which is fantastic, alongside letters from the School, pre-Schools, GP and many local residents and businesses.  These will be presented to Buckden Parish Council next Tuesday 8th September where they will vote on whether to support the principle of 20mph and agree to apply for the grant funding from Cambs County Council to implement it. We have great support from Julie Wisson, our County Councillor.


We attended a very positive meeting with the Cambridgeshire County Council Highways Local Projects Team and have had positive advice from Cambridgeshire Police.  However, we still need your support to convince the Parish that this is wanted so if you feel you could write a short email supporting 20mph to the Parish Council, this is definitely the time to do it!  They should go to [email protected]


July 2015 - We had a stall at the Buckden festival on 4th July and consulted people about their views on a 20mph limit.  There were 3 options to vote for, the results were

 1) 20mph default limit for Buckden - 85 votes

 2) 20mph limited to the immediate area of the school only - 30 votes

 3) No 20mph limit  - 4 votes

We reached 600 signatures

The results were presented to the Parish Council at the July meeting along with the comments book and map of concern.  


June 2015 - We have reached over 500 signatures.  These include both Buckden residents and the people who come here to work or help to support our clubs and societies.


March 2015 - Petitions now in place at Days of Buckden, Stageworks, Buckden Primary School, Buckden Day Nursery, the Doctors Surgery, the Barbers and St Marys Church.


Buckden 20s Plenty attended the 6th national 20's Plenty Conference, this year held conveniently in Cambridge.  Olympic cyclist Chris Boardman was the star speaker, but speakers from other places which are rolling out 20mph included Manchester, Liverpool, Cambridge and elsewhere.