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Buckden & Stirtloe 20mph


The Buckden & Stirtloe 20mph vote resulted in a narrow majority in favour of a 20mph limit.  There was not however a majority for villagew wide implementation and in light of this the Parish voted for a 20mph limit in the wider area surrounding the school.


The Parish Council were successful in its bid for funding for the large 20mph limit focused on the wider school area. In terms of what happens next, the County will design and develop the scheme from April-June and agree the final costs. They will then make the formal traffic order which makes the new limit legal, with implementation starting autumn. The scheme will be complete by the financial year end.


Only the top 10 received funding under the County Council's scheme, which involves the Parish contributing around 10% and the rest coming from County Highways so we have done very well. Thanks to all for their hard work, and thanks particularly to Cllr Wisson and Cambs County Councillors and Officers who have so strongly supported the 20mph proposal.  


The County has awarded us £9000, which is more than we should need now that the scheme extent has been reduced, so we should have some funding in the pot that can be used both to monitor the scheme, to see how it works in practice (which could help us and others in any future expansion of the scheme).  The Parish Council has already agreed to put in the requisite 10% match funding as their contribution to the scheme.



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Buckden & Stirtloe 20mph successful bid